Black Blessed and British


“… this autobiographical poetic work is colourful and powerful, both in imagery and emotion.”



“Hardcore optimism that explores the impressions of the spiritual warrior” is how the author fittingly describes this wonderful collection. Though in truth it is also very much a tale of new beginnings and hard fought reinventions.
From the black kid in Cheltenham to the English girl in Jamaica. From rebel student to head girl. From student actress to acclaimed playwright and director. From church choir member to ordained inter-denominational Christian minister.

Claudette Athea Douglas is uniquely placed to write this inspired memoir. A memoir in the form of poems that seamlessly, yet suddenly, transport you to those places she has lived and been a part of during her lifetime, stretching from the Cotswolds to the Caribbean.

Some will make you laugh, some inspire and others will make you reminisce. Many will be an education and most certainly, others might make you cry.

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