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Off To A Flying Start

In December 2019 the project hit the ground running with our Vision board and wheel-of-life event led by Coach Carla Campbell (pictured). This was to prove both momentous and auspicious as users were able to refer to their vision boards throughout the lockdown period and our Spirit First Sunday events focused on healing users stray on track as well as motivating them to persist in the pursuit of their passion and goals that they had identified at the beginning of the process year Decorating the spirit worked as revolutionary wellbeing and spiritual empowerment programme that changes minds, perspectives and lives.

Through our resources, Spirit First masterclasses, events and, takes this methodology of Journal writing, personal meditation, and spending time alone within the contemplation and mediation bring gratitude and transformation into your everyday life.

By committing to their monthly Seedbox tasks the Decorating the spirit method provided an accelerated path of spiritual and emotional transformation and healing.

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  1. A great event, so glad I made it.

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